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Meet Our Team Leaders

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This is Stephanie

Stephanie started training dogs over fifteen years ago. When she and Tom bought their first German Shepherd, Sampson, they decided they wanted to learn how to properly train him. To do so they reached out to Mark Stover, a renowned dog trainer living in the San Juans. Mark helped Stephanie work through 30 years of dog fear and taught her how to understand dog body language. After completing basic training with Sampson they decided to move forward with protective training. 


Stephanie's love for Sampson and German Shepherds soon became a breeding business. Stephanie and her breeding business, Von Hospiz Shefurhunde, are well known as the San Juan's premier East German Shepherd Breeders. Several years down the line, Stephanie went to work for Mark as a lead trainer and eventually inherited his clientele after his passing. Today Stephanie is passionate about facilitating healthy connections and relationships between dogs and their owners.

This is Tom

Tom is our only "retired" employee. Tom owned and operated a premier painting company in Anacortes for over a decade before "retiring" to work with his wife at TMS. Tom's tenacity and bravery is a key element of our team. Tom loves to spend time in the outdoors. When he's not at work you're likely to find him tending his blueberry bushes or apple trees or fly fishing in a pontoon out on Pass Lake. 

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This is Sabrina

Sabrina helps out with all marketing, bookings and branding here at TMS and has used her education as an aromatherapist to develop our in-house line of all-natural, toxin-free dog grooming, and care products. Sabrina lives in Woodinville where she is a yoga teacher and functional stress management specialist with her own practice in Woodinville. She is pictured here with Maggie, whom she adores, but her real true loves are her husband and her pup Sunnie (an Australian shepherd).

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We're award-winning.

We are proud to have been awarded the title of Best Family-Run Dog Training Company in Washington State by Lux Life Magazine, a magazine that spotlights the most premier businesses in the world for customers who expect excellence and look for a luxury experience. 

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