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Your dog's second home

We are a place to stay, to learn and to play for your pup while you're away.


When your pup comes to stay with us you'll have lots of choices. Your dog can be inside full time or outside full time, they can play with other dogs under close supervision or they can have separate walks if they're not as social. Our main goal is to create a loving environment where all dogs are set up for success. While your dog is at camp they can also enjoy massages, extra play time, adventures to nearby trails and dedicated one on one training. In fact, you can even send your pup to stay specifically to learn. You don't even have to be away! Contact us to learn more about our training programs! Whether you are sending your dog for a day of play and training, an extended boarding stay, or a boarding and training stay, our goal is for your dog to leave camp wanting to come back!  

While your pet is with us, they will enjoy a minimum of three outings every day, either in our fully fenced play yard or a nice on leash walk to the nearby walking or hiking trails in Anacortes.  During these outings, they can run around, play, interact with other dogs (closely supervised and carefully matched for compatibility), and receive endless amounts of love and attention from us! We also offer additional playtime for those dogs that just can't get enough and massages for dogs that need a little extra pampering. All of our kennels, whether indoor or outdoor, are situated right next to our home so your pup truly becomes part of our family when they stay with us!


Our kennels are constructed of heavy chain link panels to keep all our guests safe and contained.  The spacious runs are all lined with thick rubber stall mats and a generous layer of wood shavings to keep the kennels clean and cozy. All kennels have an insulated dogloo for the dogs to sleep in that stay cool in the summertime and warm in the winter months. We also have a variety of beds, blankets, pads, and even bed warmers to put in the dogloos. Several of our runs have privacy slats in the chain link for those guests that need a little more personal space. We carefully take into consideration each dog's personality and special needs when placing them in our kennel to make sure we are creating a harmonious and peaceful environment for all the dogs.  Our outdoor runs have metal roofing to keep them safe from the elements. Our indoor runs are inside a well insulated, heated building. Dogs that board indoors at night also get an outdoor run during the day for some extra fresh air.

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Our Boarding Facility is Award Winning

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