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Coping with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a challenging behavioral issue to deal with. While it may feel easy to get upset at your pup for causing destruction, know that they are going through a challenging time and experiencing many emotion that they likely don't know how to process.

If you feel your dog might be suffering from mild separation anxiety here are some steps you can take:

- Don't make a big deal of coming and going from your home. Leave without a big to-do and ignore your dog for a minute or so when you first get home. This is hard, but will teach your dog not to get over excited about either occasion.

- Leave your dog with a blanket or toy that you've recently played with them or snuggled with them with. The smell of you and reminder of your love can help them feel more at ease.

- Establish a word or action that let's your dog know you'll be leaving and that you'll coming back.

- Consider using an over the counter, all natural calming solution like low doses of CBD or diffusing low doses of essential oils.

- Think about how another pet friend might affect their loneliness.

- Confine the dog in a place they feel safe like a room in which there is nothing of great value they could possibly destroy. Crating your pup that is already anxious may exacerbate the problem and cause extra howling or accidents.

If your pup's separation anxiety is causing harm to themselves or serious property destruction we recommend seeing a vet for possible use of prescribed anxiety medications.

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